Behind the License Plate

Please check out my video series, “Behind the License Plate,” my series on YouTube. You will learn more about the meanings of certain plates and the contexts behind them.

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AL RNC 576 Alabama 1976 US Bicentennial base

AK ECG 330 Alaska Gold Rush Centennial

AZ EW-1023 Arizona Environmental

AR ^GF^EHZ Arkansas AGFC Labrador

CA 1VDZ499 (P1) California “Whale Tail” Specialty

CO TT 4439 Colorado 1975 Centennial base

CT 392-LBS Connecticut Long Island Sound Plate

DE 734972 Delaware 1970 base

FL AYR 155 Florida Challenger specialty

GA-POB8272 Georgia 2012 peach tree and peach bases

HI-HJB 494 Hawaii 1991 Rainbow base

ID ^7C^ 71  Idaho 1948 decal base

…More to come!