Oh, Canada!

Our friendly neighbors to the north have plenty of attractive and interesting license plates. Here a few:

AB BH-82-32AB MNC-280AB BDZ-2396bc 72-035BC 22-63-LM (P2)BC 8794 KAMB (TC)91-36MB 943 DASMB AFA 926NB 71 927NB (L)32-384NB BAW-296NL PSV 146NL CLR 842NL HWH 465NS 11-50-60NS BKY-040NS BZS 656ON HWD 854ON ZAB 416pe 28-354PE 38-722PE RBH 943PE RL 855QC 7(A)-5770QC 5(G)-6806QC WMV 389SK 162-859SK 286-755SK 415 AKT

This British Columbia plate features the 1986 sticker which commemorated Expo ’86, the World’s Fair which took place in Vancouver that summer.

BC BJH-511


A highly sought-after plate for many collectors is a bear-shaped base from Northwest Territories.

NT 30682NWT 322858

The 1993 Prince Edward Island base pays homage to the 1908 novel, written by Canadian author Lucy Maud Montgomery, which takes place on PEI. Montreal hosted the 1976 Summer Olympics and put the emblem on their plate.

PE TB 572QC 610(L)456

The Yukon Territory gold miner, referencing the Klondike Gold Rush, is an iconic image when it comes to license plates of Canada.