Over the Rainbow

“Somewhere”…you know the song. When it comes to license plates, every color can be found. With a little arranging, you can find them “Over the Rainbow.”

HI-GNN 881HI-HJB 494

FL-49(w)-26517GA-18-3254IL-98 368IA ^42^5458KS-MNV 256MO-GR6-716OH-W1531ZFL-1N-2310MO-TKS-82712IL-(DL) 384 gMT-13-188IN-AW6054MN-325-890WV-OC-1636OR-HHB 264AK CTK 529IL-54 450RV9NY QQ-9926HI-5A-2869WI-NT 3937NM-EBK 141IL-LR 228IA-89 3406NV-96800MME-283-918AR 420-75213IL 819 843BCO-3339-TFFL-1E-50833VT-CDS 977HI-5E-4412IA DPW 076IA-GVJ 098KS ^GW^-1349ID-2G 1 638LA-55i118MS-CLL 987MD-NS 1038MI-UJH 583CT-GA-3197ND-56-165OH GF 7499NV OBL008IA-ROV 738MT 13 8353CSC-VEA 147KY-858-193IL-106 524TN-EV3747IL-800 172


HI-MNE 490HI-PXE 886

SOU Wizard of Oz