Plates For All: Ethnic and Cultural Identifications

Native American

Native American, or Tribal plates have sprouted up in some states. Oklahoma has offered many; of these the Cherokee Nation is the most common, especially because it is now available to non-tribal members.

OK CE4 219OK 25027OK ^CH1^ 6498OK ^CN1^8471OK KT04909OK 5849OK D9N12

These five show different styles and graphics.

MT BBP348MT SKC686MN-RL 2442ND 0084WI E181


I was delighted to find this one at ALPCA’s convention in Valley Forge, since I am Italian-American.

CO 847 ZJX


Colorado also has an unusual specialty tied to history and culture. The “Pioneers” plate was initially available strictly to descendants of a relative who lived in the state 100 years ago. Now it is available to all motorists willing to pay the specialty fee.

CO 10538D

The Nevada Citizenship Project provides naturalization resources to Silver State residents. It was started in 2001, and four years later they had a specialty plate.

NV ^CP^5877