Plates For All: Religious-Themed

In recent years, states started offering “In God We Trust” license plates. Most often, these are optional plates offered at no extra cost.

Indiana inserted a portion of a waving American flag for its first “In God We Trust” plate which was otherwise similar to the 2009 white on blue base; four years later the flag expanded to the entire background, the slogan was moved to the bottom, and other tweaks occurred to make it its own design.

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South Carolina has come out with two versions as well, with the second taking the first’s design and modifying it fit a standard base South Carolina uses for certain types of plates.

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Arkansas, Kansas, Montana, and Virginia all developed unique designs for their In God We Trust issues.


Florida inserted “IN GOD WE TRUST” on it’s 2004 base in the place where normally the slogan “THE SUNSHINE STATE” or the county name would be; Georgia has opted for a simple decal placed where the county sticker normally goes; and Tennessee added the “In God We Trust” slogan to it’s current base.

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Arizona’s In God We Trust plate takes a blue sky and makes it radiant; another specialty, which reads “Live the Golden Rule” and benefits the Arizona Interfaith Movement, also uses sun rays, but in a more conventional manner.

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Utah began issuance of the In God We Trust plate in 2013 with a decal placed left of the serial and a sticker reading “UNITED WE STAND.” In 2017, they screened these elements onto the plate and changed it from an optional to one of three standard plate choices.

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Alabama and Virginia incorporate a large American flag into their versions of the In God We Trust plate.

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