On the Farm

Plates on this page celebrate farms, encourage the preservation of farms, or are instances of farm-related non-passenger plates.



These contribute funds to agriculture and farm-related organizations:

AL AJV713AZ 0AG3476fl vbk 901ME-901-AGGMD A218703MT AYK830nv agrTN 3^AG^442VA 2685FG


These passenger bases have farm graphics:

IN 43 H 2255IN 49W8334IN 55(B)7320IA ADY 626OH-FCP 4176WI 712-XDY (P2)


These are assigned to farm truck or other farm-related vehicles:

az fv-00658KS ^SG^18401KS ^SG^74248KY MH443NE 28 3243NE 7 3VT AAN 192WI 45329