Dogs and cats have made it on to license plates in recent years, and no wonder: over 50% of American households have pets, and spend about $500 per year on them.


The plates below honor pets and each feature a dog and cat.

AZ-C1740CA 152END (P1)KS AD059KY-20683MA ^SN^31CSMT ADW-127NV ^SN^0488NJ ^IM^3750TN ^AN^2821UT E095R

California and Indiana honor famous comic strip characters with specialties devoted to different causes: the Snoopy plate benefits the California Association of Museums, while the Garfield plate helps fund education.

CA S300E0IN ^EB^7190

Arkansas and Mississippi both have used a black lab as part of an environmental series of plates. In each case, the dog is rendered as a very realistic-looking painting, ready to catch the spoils of a hunter.


Maine features the standard dog and cat, but also features a horse, bunny, and a bird.

ME 902-AMC