Sea To Shining Sea

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Sea To Shining Sea

Plates with landscapes, from the Pacific to the Atlantic…


The Pacific coast spans the palm trees of Southern California to mighty Mt. Rainier in Washington.

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The Rockies and Southwest include beautiful mountain vistas, natural wonders like the Delicate Arch and the Grand Canyon, and rushing rivers.

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The “Breadbasket” region includes the wheat fields of Kansas, the plains of Nebraska, and the silo-dotted landscapeĀ of Iowa, as well as one of America’s greatest monuments, Mt. Rushmore.

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Texas is proud of its diverse landscape while Louisiana boasts the bayou and Arkansas is rich in wilderness.



The Great Lakes region encompasses the woodlands of Minnesota and Wisconsin, to farmlands of Indiana and Ohio.

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The southeast includes Georgia’s peaches, Florida’s sea life, South Carolina’s palmettos, and the Great Smoky Mountains.

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The Mid-Atlantic states features the mountains of West Virginia and Chesapeake Bay, while Washington, D.C. gets in with a plate depicting the Anacostia River and New Jersey’s Liberty State Park welcomes visitors from afar.

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New England is home to lighthouses and sailing, The Old Man in the Mountain and the diverse landscape of New York.

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