Sea To Shining Sea

Plates with landscapes, from the Pacific to the Atlantic…

The Pacific coast spans the palm trees of Southern California to the mighty Mt. Rainier in Washington.

The Mountain region includes beautiful vistas and natural wonders like the Delicate Arch and the Grand Canyon.

The West South-Central features the wide open expanse of Texas, the Bayou State, and their neighbors Oklahoma and Arkansas.

The West North-Central, or Plains states, feature the wheat and sunflowers of Kansas, the farmlands of Iowa and Nebraska, glorious Mt. Rushmore, and the lakes of Minnesota.

The East North-Central region encompasses the woods and crops of the Great Lakes states.

The East South-Central features Kentucky, the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, and the Gulf states of Mississippi and Alabama.

The South Atlantic includes the everglades of Florida, “peach-y” Georgia, and the Carolinas, as well “Old Dominion” Virginia, “Old Line” Maryland, Delaware, and West Virginia.

The Mid-Atlantic is composed of New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

New England includes the rugged coastline of the North Atlantic and the granite rocks of New Hampshire.

Outside of the continental U.S., Hawaii is known for rainbows and Alaska for beautiful wilderness.

User:Wapcaplet, edited by User:Ed g2s, User:Dbenbenn, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons