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They started out as simple numbers painted on porcelain, wood, leather, and metals…license plates are just about as old as cars themselves, and like cars, have changed dramatically over time. Take a century-plus-long tour of license plate history here.

Subpages: Collecting 101, My Story, Glossary.

Americans hail from “The Lone Star State,” a place of “Great Lakes,” “The Evergreen State,” “The Volunteer State,” and more…see how slogans beckon tourists and boast about the best states have to offer.

“America the Beautiful” indeed…from the Pacific to the Atlantic, the U.S. landscape includes sunny beaches, towering mountains, lush forests, pastoral farms, and much more.

They soar, swim, and roam…animals of all kinds appear on plates. See wild animals on plates here!

Subpages: In the Air, On the Land, In the Water

License plates throughout history have celebrated anniversaries of all kinds – mostly statehood and settlement – click here to review Centennials, Sesquicentennials, Bicentennials, and more.

In 1976, America turned 200, and many states acknowledged it by issuing new passenger, booster, or optional plates which shared common elements. Learn more here.

Many states have issued special plates to raise funds for organizations and causes which help children.

Registration stickers give motorists a chance to add their own personal style in a variety of contexts.

State maps have shown up large and small across a multitude of plates.

What does a bouncing ball, a fair, a dog, a sailing ship, and personal messages have in common? They can all be FUN, and this room is devoted to just that.

Subpages: Moving Machines, Pets, Rocky Road, Sports, Vanities, World’s Fair

Promoting breast cancer research, identifying and supporting First Responders, expressing religious convictions, recognizing Native American heritage, and distinguishing Veteran status…these show how states issue “plates for all.”

Canada, Mexico, and plates overseas…this room takes a look at all non-U.S. entities.

Agriculture, lighthouses, 9/11, state parks…specialty plates run the gamut. In this room you can find an array of specialty themes not covered elsewhere on the site.

Trucks, trailers, handicap, dealer, RVs and more…this room takes a look at many types of non-passenger plates.