The largest license plate collectors club in the world is a great way to improve or start a collection, make friends with other collectors, and stay informed about the latest license plate news.

If you have a collection, you can keep an online inventory with this site. It is easy to use and you can view other collectors’ plates as well.

See my personal page (under the username “gorillabay”) to view ALL my plates.

This site by ALPCA member David Nicholson displays every plate from every state from 1969 to present. Great photos and explanations, with some humor as well. I reference it frequently, including for my site.

Back Bumper – Collecting Ontario Licence Plates (

ALPCA member Jon Upton has a wonderful website devoted to his experiences in the club and in the hobby. Though he does focus on Ontario plates, there is a ton of other stuff including recaps of large conventions.

All About License Plates

ALPCA member Eric Tanner runs this general license plate website with some good info. Eric is currently the editor of PLATES, the bi-monthly magazine for the club.

Rick Kretschmer is a fellow ALPCAn who I have met and bought plates from before. His site has a gallery of complete runs, information on collecting in general, his own collecting story, and reference material.

automobile license plate store

This site belongs to Tom Boyd, an ALPCA Hall of Famer. That says a ton in the license plate collecting world! He was also one of the first members who sold me plates back in my youth. Due to the friendliness of Tom and other collectors, my collection and my appreciation of ALPCA took flight.

best plates

Another prominent member from ALPCA, Michael C. Wiener, has created this site which features plates from his collection, some articles and links, and a way to order his plastic sleeves (I buy them on an annual basis, they are clearly the best quality I’ve seen). In addition to his prominent role in ALPCA, he has also served as a politician in his home state of New Mexico.

leather license plates

This site, a product of–you guessed it–an ALPCA member, is the place to go for those particularly interested in old license plates.

Patrick’s License Plates

This site by an ALPCA member features plates from his collection, a “Plate of the Month,” and a cool photo of a baby and plates.

Contains royalty-free images and photos for use in your personal or commercial projects. I use them frequently in my “Behind the License Plate” YouTube series.

theus50The US50

An educational site about the states with good info and pictures.