U.S. Bicentennial Plates

In 1974, South Dakota came out with a screened graphic plate that was the first of its kind. But it was America’s Bicentennial – the 200th birthday – that inspired many states to issue new colorful graphic passenger plates to celebrate, ushering in a new era of license plates. They all shared at least one of several elements: a red, white, and blue color scheme; screened graphics; the Bicentennial logo; or the word “Bicentennial” in the slogan.

Alabama (1977)                                            Alaska (1976)

AL RNC 576AK-ARW 265

Colorado (1975) – this plate actually celebrated Colorado’s 100th year of statehood, but it is also considered a Bicentennial plate by most collectors.

CO TT 4439

Delaware (1976) & Georgia (1976) – two of several states to issue “Booster” plates; these could be put on the front of the car in states that issued a single passenger plate instead of in pairs.

DE-(Bicentennial)GA 1468

Hawaii (1976)                                                Illinois (1976)

HI-2E-1325IL QC 179

Indiana (1977)                                              Maine (1976, Booster plate)

IN-55(B)9893ME (BIC)

Maryland (1976)                                           Michigan (1976)

MD 874 AEYMI-7750FL

Mississippi (1976, Booster plate)               Missouri (1977)

MS-(Bicentennial)MO-YP9-126 (2)

Montana (1976)                                              Nebraska (1976)


New Hampshire (1976, Booster plate)


New Jersey (1976; Booster plate – one version was embossed, the other flat)

NJ (BIC)NJ-booster flat

North Carolina (1975)                                 Oklahoma (1976)

NC MNC 821OK MB-25

Pennsylvania (1971; this plate is a bit different due to the color scheme)

PA 05L 270

South Carolina (1976)                                 South Dakota (1976)

SC-CKZ 249SD-SA 2519

Vermont (1976; Booster plate)                  Virginia (1976)

VT-(Bicentennial)VA 231 993

Wyoming (1975)                                          Washington, D.C. (1976)

WY-2 848DC 409 369

Some states just issued a special registration sticker.

NM BWP 845WA-DLL 185